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4 Step to Shopping With The Kids

Peter November 29, 2016 0
4 Step to Shopping With The Kids

A shopping day with the kids can be fun for all. Creating plans for what needs to be done and purchased will help keep the day on track. Organization and structure is the key to keeping children focused. Children crave structure as much as adults do. The age of the children makes a huge difference in what needs to be purchased, where to purchase it from and what type of activities will be best for the day. Here is an example of how to plan your day.

  1. What needs to be purchased and for whom – If you only have one child this is an easy task. This becomes a chore with the more kids that you have. You need to go through their clothes and see what still fits and what doesn’t. You then need to see if the clothes that fit are in a good enough condition for them to continue to use. After all of this is done it is time to create a list of what needs to be purchased and for whom.
  2. Where to shop – Choosing where to shop can be as simple as just going to the closest store to their home. For others where to shop depends more on the social status of the store. For some, it depends on where they can get the best deals on prices.
  3. Who has the best discounts – For those who want to save money then comparing prices is a necessity. Online searches, newspaper ads, T.V. ads are places to look. If you have older kids, they are also going to complain about what you. Online searches at sites such as com will show you discounts for businesses that you won’t find anywhere else. You will find everything from clothing stores to hair salons.
  4. Where to take a break at – No matter the age of the children, you will be shopping with, taking a break is essential. Nothing makes for cranky kids than a long day of shopping with their parents. There is inevitably disagreements over what to buy. Kids want the hottest fashions and parents don’t want to spend that kind of money.

At the end of the day, if everything was purchased, everyone made it home and everyone is still in a good mood then it was a wonderfully successful shopping trip.

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